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To avoid going into offtopic any further, I'm opening another thread for my C1 project.

As of this weekend, it has officially begun! I've transported both cars to the body shop, and they should working on the cars today.
To recap, the goal is to fix the green 2-door by using the white 4-door as a parts car. I really like the 1st series look over the 2nd, so I've decided not to keep it all original. The front end will be transplanted off of the white car, so my 1973 will have a 1969 nose. I plan on taking the column shifter from the white one too.

This won't be a full-blown restoration, the purpose is to get another old Audi back on the road so it has a new life (and of course, for me to enjoy it!). Last time it was registered and in traffic was in 1982, so it's been sitting quite a lot, and there's plenty of work ahead of me.


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